Thursday, June 13, 2013

Grocery Store Adventures: The "Sniper"

       When I grew up, every night, like clock work, as the sun set, the curtains HAD to be shut, because, as my former Marine, Vietnam Veteran Dad would say, "You got to watch out for those snipers."  He tried to say it like he was joking, but...we knew. And, every time we would go to a restraunt ,my dad would have to face the doors when seated, so he was aware of the possible danger that could come upon us. (Hang in there, this does connect to taking four children to the grocery store.) These childhood experiences have been seared into mind. Because, even though I know that their are no Viet Cong snipers out to get me, I become very unnerved when there is a curtain open at night or when my back is to the door at a restraunt. So with this in mind, proceed with reading the following story.
       We had gone into the first set of doors at the Wal-Mart, and were about to go into the second, when there was another family going in at the same time. They nodded, to go ahead, and then......The General collapses on the floor! Clutching his side, and arm, he is SCREAMING like I have never heard him before. He was in obvious pain. As moms we always quickly access the situation, and go from there. But, in that one second, of his sudden unexplained collapse, the first thing that my mind went to was, "He's been shot! Dad was right! The snipers took down the The General!" That  thought took maybe about two seconds when I got a hold of my logical mind. (I mean, really, there are no Viet Cong in Louisburg!)  I then got down on my hands and knees, The General, still screaming, and now people in the Customer Service Dept., looking on, I lifted up his shirt, bracing myself for what I might find, when....out pops a wasp, from his short sleeve shirt! The "sniper" is still on him, and attempting to sting him more. So, I take my sandal off, and attempt to kill and swipe the thing off him, before it stings us both! Now, I want you to picture this for a moment......The General was on his back, holding his side, Screaming, and I am on my knees smacking the poor kid with my sandal! What a sight we must have been! The wasp got him good, but, you will be happy to know that he is doing fine.

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